errhaltHead of Department of Pneumology, University Hospital Krems, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences

MD: University of Vienna Medical School, Vienna, Austria
Postdoctoral Training: 2nd Medical Department, Wilhelminenspital, Vienna, Austria

Research Interests:
• Interventional Pneumology

Peter Errhalt completed his internship and residency in a renowned department for pneumonology and internal medicine in Vienna, where he stayed as consultant until 2006. He was head of the bronchoscopy-unit and the sleep lab and pulmonary consultant for the intensive-care-units in the hospital.
He was member of the executive committee of the Austrian Society of Pneumology as chair of the working group for interventional pneumonology for many years.
In 2006, he was selected to establish and to develop a new department of Pneumonology in the former State Hospital Krems. Since then he is Head of the Department of Pneumology; he established a sleep lab, a bronchoscopy unit, a lung-function lab, an outpatient clinic for severe chronic obstructive diseases including asthma, an outpatient clinic for interstitial lung diseases and an inpatient ward with 27 units.
The Department of Pneumology in Krems is responsible for the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases and for treatment-proposals for 15 referring hospitals, with a special focus on lung cancer, pleural diseases, tuberculosis, interstitial lung diseases and severe obstructive lung diseases including asthma. The Department offers special interventional procedures including endobronchial stenting, treatment of haemoptysis and pneumological thoracoscopy for the whole state of lower Austria.
Since 2013, the former State Hospital Krems became teaching hospital for the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences and Peter Errhalt is Associate Professor for Pneumology at the University Hospital Krems.

Proposed PhD research projects:
Personalized asthma treatment based on trigger factor identification.

Selected publications:

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Other Publications